Interior Yacht Wrapping

Do you wish to breathe new life into the interior of your Yacht or charter boat, or simply add your unique personality to your home on the water?

LuxWrap’s ability to restore and refurbish Yacht interiors, with none of the conventional mess associated with a ‘normal’ refit, not only ensures you as the owner make significant cost savings, but is in itself a revolution in the way things will be done in the future.

Vinyl Yacht wrapping yacht interiors with 3M's revolutionary DI-NOC architectural film allows us to achieve outstanding and long lasting new quality finishes in a short space of time, meaning minimum downtime from start to finish, and ensuring your Yacht interior meets your personalisation requirements.

LuxWrap interior finishes retain value and are available in a complete range of textures and effects, which resist water, impact and mould.

LuxWrap’s installers can apply architectural finishes to a range of surfaces from furniture tables, fixtures, wall panels, doors, staircases, overhead panels, showers, flat surfaces to impossibly compound surfaces.


Project Examples